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EDI Policies

Environmental Impact Policy...

FAMACO Publishers, LLC is committed to best practices for reducing its environmental impact including:


Minimizing waste by continually evaluating operations and ensuring the highest possible efficiency.

Favoring and investing in energy saving technology in the production process.

Minimizing emissions through more efficient delivery management and reduced power requirements.

Source purchase recycled products in our production and administrative support activities.

Promoting recycling to reduce our carbon footprint.

Implementing an employee awareness program on the importance of reducing waste and increasing efficiency to help protect the environment.


We encourage all our suppliers and customers to join us in the effort to help protect our environment. Together, we can remake the world.


FAMACO Publishers, LLC

EDI Policy...

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) provides businesses with the capability of computer-to-computer communication with individuals and organizations. Commonly used instead of faxing and mailing paper documents, EDI transfers the information electronically through a communication network that reduces cost, streamlines productivity and reduces environmental impact by eliminating the need for one entity to print out documents for mailing to the receiving entity. EDI also eliminates the receiving entity from translating the data and reentering the transaction into their own system. EDI uses a standard format so that it will be easier to process incoming transferred data. Using this system will make communications more efficient. The EDI system will provide consistency, better sales and inventory management, accuracy, security and competitiveness.


FPLLC uses EDI for a large number of its functions in order to conduct business with both customers and suppliers. Our standards that may be based on mutual agreement, are designed to promote seamless capability in electronic transactions via the internet with all suppliers.


For each document sent to FPLLC, we seek to transmit, within twenty-four (24) working hours of receipt, an acknowledgment that signifies receipt of the document transmitted. Similarly, when FPLLC transmits purchase orders, invoices, or related documents, we expect an acknowledgment from our suppliers upon receipt of electronic transmission.





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