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CD The World's Greatest Gospel Singer Mahalia Jackson
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CD The World's Greatest Gospel Singer Mahalia Jackson

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By Mahalia Jackson. Unlike many forms of religion, MJ believes the kingdom is wide open. Hers is a generous spirit, and so a generous religion. She is not worried about keeping the heavenly treasures under lock and key, lest they be unfairly distributed to beggars or publicans who have not proved their worth in terms of human empires. She sings for anybody who will bother to listen...she speaks her truth to power. She makes me wonder what life would be like, if we were all speaking more truth, more often, to power.


This magnificant work of art, produced by Geroge Avakian in the mid 1950's, contains one of the finest vocal performances ever committed to record, irrespective of musical genre. Accompanied brilliantly by the jazz/blues influenced Fall-Jones Ensemble, Jackson delivers a remarkable reading of African-American spirituals, including some of her own compositions. A recording for the ages, delivered superlatively by one of the greatest voices of the 20th century. Sony (1992), Audio CD, Discs: 1.


Tracks (11): 1. I'm Going To Live The Life I Sing About In My Song; 2. When I Wake Up In Glory; 3. Jesus Met The Woman At The Well; 4. Oh Lord Is It I? 5. I Will Move On Up A Little Higher; 6. When The Saints Go Marching; 7. Jesus; 8. Out Of The Depths; 9. Walk Over God's Heaven; 10. Keep Your Hand On The Plough; 11. Didn't It Rain.




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