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DVD Muhammad Ali - The Whole Story -2 Disc Set
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DVD Muhammad Ali - The Whole Story -2 Disc Set

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By Director Joseph Consentino and Sandra Consentino. Muhammad Ali. He is known as the most thrilling athlete of all time... he is known as The Greatest. The remarkable story of how he became one of the most loved, hated, intriguing, and controversial figures in American history is brought to life in the 6-hour series, Muhammad Ali: The Whole Story. You will follow Muhammad Ali from his days as Cassius Clay growing up in Lousiville, Kentucky, to the pinnacle of his amateur career as the light-heavyweight gold medallist in the 1960 Rome Olympics. You will witness Ali's stunning victory over Sonny Liston to become the youngest Heavyweight Champion of the World and then experience his painful struggle to regain his title--a title taken from Ali because his religious beliefs precluded him from entering the Vietnam War. His is a story which fascinates both sports and non-sports lovers alike.


Muhammad Ali: The Whole Story contains 3 hours of exclusive footage of all Ali's greatest and most important fights. You will be ring-side for his famous battles with Ken Norton, "The Rumble in the Jungle" with George Foreman, and the "Thrilla in Manila" with Jor Frazier... it's a boxing fan's dream come true. This unique documentary chronicles the life of a man who, through his amazing athletic talent, brash and outspoken personality, courage, and personal convictions, not only changed the world of sports but the entire world around him. Muhammad Ali: The Whole Story will be one of the most talked about collector's series of all time. Turner Home Entertainment (2001), Black & White, Color, DVD, English, DVD discs: 2, Rated: NR (Not Rated), Run Time: 346 minutes.


Directors: Joseph Consentino, Sandra Consentino. Writers: Lonnie Reed, Jim Donaldson, Mark King. Producers: Joseph Consentino, Carl H. Lindahl, Lonnie Reed. Features: Muhammad Ali, Khalilah 'Belinda' Ali, Rahaman Ali, Julian Bond, Oscar Brown Jr.






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