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Muhammad Ali: Conversations
Category->Ethnic Studies
Muhammad Ali: Conversations

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By Fiaz Rafiq. Muhammad Ali is one of the most remarkable sports personalities and celebrities of our time. He is a legend who transcended boxing and rose above all sport. A man of mythic proportions, Ali has been such a prominent feature of our cultural landscape. Nicknamed "The Greatest", Ali was crowned Sportsman of the Century and also Sports Personality of the Century. Alongside the late Bruce Lee, Ali is acknowledged as the most famous face in the world. In this uniquely compiled biography, many of the prominent figures in Ali's life culminate on many facets of his life. Through exclusive accounts of family members, close friends, associates and adversaries, the result is compelling and full of intriguing insights into a sporting legend. Muhammad Ali's story is an epic one, one of bravery, courage, hope, abundance and overcoming difficult obstacles with an indomitable will. Muhammad Ali: Conversations is the ultimate tribute to one of the greatest icons of the century. HNL (2011), English, Hardcover: 352 pages.


"Most Ali books focus on just a few fights in the champ's captivating career. Conversations let's Ali admirers, friends and former foes speak for themselves, as well as providing fascinating insights...essential reading..."- Men's Fitness


"A forensic examination of the greatest sportsman of his era, through the eyes of the people who knew him best, and an essential addition to the library..."- The Independent


"A thoroughly absorbing read with intriguing insights into 'The Greatest' by those who know him best."- Daily Star


"Fiaz Rafiq's follow-up to the Bruce Lee Conversations, Muhammad Ali: Conversations continues in great style with the other great athletic and cultural icon of the 20th century. The book provides great primary source anecdotes...As with the previous book, Rafiq reveals just how influential an icon can be. Ali may be known as a famous boxer, but three decades after his last fight we see that his influence reaches far further than this sport. I recommend this book as a vital piece of modern cultural history."- M.A.I.


"An absorbing, insightful look at the most significant sporting figure of modern times. Conversations gives a fresh perspective on a genial man, his boxing legacy and the 'Greatest's' role in landmark changes of 20th century history."-Daily Mail   




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