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Muhammad Ali: The Glory Years
Category->Ethnic Studies
Muhammad Ali: The Glory Years

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By Don Atyeo and elix Dennis. This is the finest book on Muhammad Ali in his prime ever published. Based on exclusive firsthand interviews and years of research, Muhammad Ali: The Glory Years celebrates the life and achievements of one of the world's greatest athletes and media icons. Spanning Ali's life from the 1960s to today, The Glory Years covers Ali's meteoric rise to fame and his ability to amaze and amuse in and out of the ring. Features stunning pictures from the lenses of some of the world's most famous photographers including Neil Leifer, Flip Schulke, Sonia Katchian, and Peter Angelo-Simon-many of them previously unpublished. Miramax (2003), English, Harcover: 288 pages.


Based on scores of interviews with the champ in his prime. Also featuring many interviews with Ali's family, friends, trainers, and opponents. Includes over 300 magnificent photographs, many rare and previously unpublished complete photographic record of every single professional Muhammad Ali fight from 1960-1981 printed with a stunning silvertone process.


"When a man says 'I cannot,' he has made a suggestion to himself. He has weakened his power of accomplishing that which otherwise could have been accomplished." --Muhammad Ali

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee..."--Muhammad Ali


Muhammad Ali: The Glory Years celebrates the life and career of the most famous and revered champion in sports. With meticulously researched text and over 300 pages of spectacular photographs-many of them never before published-The Glory Years offers a unique portrait of Ali's meteoric rise to fame, both as champion boxer and media icon.


Based on exclusive, first-hand interviews with Ali in his prime. together with months of research interviewing family, friends, his entourage, and opponents, The Glory Years reveals not just Ali the boxer and celebrity, but Ali the man. The authors benefited from unprecedented access to Ali and his key personnel at the height of his career, unthinkable by today's standards. A foreword by author and ex-boxing champion Jose Torres, along with a final chapter bringing the Ali story into the present, place Ali's extraordinary life into a wider perspective way beyond the sporting arena.

With hundreds of stunning photographs, many printed with a unique silvertone process, The Glory Years is a visual feast and a glorious celebration of a truly electrifying personality, Muhammad Ali.


About the Authors: Felix Dennis is the owner of Dennis Publishing, one of the most successful independent publishing companies in the world. Dennis titles include The Week, Auto Express, Computer Shopper, Stuff, Blender, and numerous others. He is also the founder of Maxim, now the biggest selling men's lifestyle magazine in the world. While writing this book, he and co-author Don Atyeo had unprecedented access to Ali and spent months traveling with him and his family throughout the United States and Africa. He currently divides his time between London and New York City.


Don Atyeo is an Australian writer, journalist, and television broadcaster. He is the author of numerous books including Blood and Guts: Violence in Sport and the international bestseller Bruce Lee: King of Kung Fu with Felix Dennis.


Jose Torres is a boxing Olympian, world champion, and author. In 1965, he beat Willie Pastrano at Madison Square Garden to become light heavyweight champion of the world. He is the author of Sting Like a Bee on Muhammad Ali and Fire and Fear on Mike Tyson.




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