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African Americans in the New Millennium: Blueprinting the Future
Category->Ethnic Studies
African Americans in the New Millennium: Blueprinting the Future

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By Erskine Peters. African Americans in the New Millennium explores the entire panorama of the African American experience touching on social, political, historical, economic, religious and spiritual aspects as we proceed toward the millennium. Dr. Peters uses a very accessible question and answer format to examine topics relevant to Americans. In a flowing conversational style, Peters looks at time, circumstance and history to see where past blueprints have worked and where they havent. By knowing ones blueprints, Peters believes, we can begin to alter our consciousness and behavior patterns to produce effective change in individuals and society. Regent Press (1992), English, Paperback: 107 pages.

The underlying focus of African Americans in the New Millennium is self development and spirituality. A generation after the riots of the sixties and passage of the Civil Rights Act, it is time for African Americans to dig deep within themselves and become free of their doubts and victimizations. Dr. Peters believes that ultimately African Americans will claim their greatest power by recognizing and understanding that all humanity exists as an experience in being, all having their own world views but also a common bond transcending the modes of race, sex or religion.


"Dr. Peters does a masterful job of debunking the common themes upon which the majority of Black Americans have constructed their lives since our introduction to these shores in 1619. The race is on, he suggests, for each person to rewrite their code of behaviortheir blueprintfor successful passage into the next millennium. Along with suggesting that Black Americans scrap the monolithic approach to dealing with life, Peters also suggests that they dump the deep-seated and long-standing devotion to the messianic complex." --Black Books Bulletin


About the Author

Erskine Peters completed his Ph.D. at Princeton after studying at Yale and Oberlin. He is presently Professor of English and Black Studies at the University of Notre Dame. He has also taught at U.C. Berkeley and UCLA.




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