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DVD Mercy to Mankind: - The Complete Trilogy 3 DVD Play (Collector's Ed.)
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DVD Mercy to Mankind: - The Complete Trilogy 3 DVD Play (Collector's Ed.)

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By Ayman Taleb. For the first time in the United States of America, the story of Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) comes to life on the stage in an epic trilogy play. From the early days of Islam to the Conquest of Makkah, you can now literally peer into the earliest days of Islam. This Special Collector's Edition Box Set includes all 3 parts of this historic play. First part of an Epic Trilogy Play, for the first time on History, the greatest story of all time comes to life on the stage with al all-youth cast teling the story of Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him). MAS Youth Dallas, 3 DVD set, NR: Not Rated. Running Time: Apprx. 6 hours.


Part 1: The Prophecy Fulfilled. In the land of Arabia, Prophet Mohammad was born in the city of Makkah. He received his first revelation from God, beginning his mission. The Leaders of Makkah defied the prophet and his followers and persecute them. Some people from the city of Yathrib accepted the teaching of prophet Mohammad and offered him and his followers protection in their city. The leaders of Makkah responded by attemping to assasinate the prophet. Experience the First part of the "Mercy to mankind" trilogy in this instant classis for all ages for generations to cherish and enjoy.


Part 2: One Ummah. In this second epic, Muslims have migrated to Madinah and prophet Mohammad affirmed the brotherhood between the Muslims and sighed treaties with the non-Muslims. He built Mosques and established his Ummah. Meanwhile the hypocrites in Madinah allied themselves with Makkah and conspired against the Muslims. Quraish seized the Muslims' properties left behind in Makkah and declared war against Madinah. The Muslims faced their oppressors at the Wells of Badr and acheived victory with God's help. The Makkans sought revenge at Mound Uhud. Quraysh then brought overwhelming forces to Madinah at the Battle of the Trench to finish Islam. Experience the brotherhood, the trials, and triumphs of the Muslim Ummah in this second part of the "Mercy To Mankind" Trilogy.


Part 3: The Conquest Nears. In this third part and final epic trilogy play, prophet mohammad (peace be upon him) went to preform the lesser pilgrimage but was stopped by Makkan forces. The Muslims and Quraysh agreed to a truce for 10 years. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) took the opportunity to spread Islam and spent letters to neighboring kings and rulers. After only two years, the turce was broken, so the Prophet (peace be upon him) marchd the Muslims towards Makkah in the greatest conquest of all time. Within a year, all of Arabia embraced Islam and it s teachings. The Prophet (peace be upon him) then delivered a final ceremony for all time during his pilgrimage and soon after left us to carry his legacy: The message of Islam. Experience the power of the story of one man who had a mission and won the hearts of millions in the third part of the "Mercy to Mankind" Trilogy. 




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