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DVD Qur’an: Contemporary Connections Jesus to Jihad
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DVD Qur’an: Contemporary Connections Jesus to Jihad

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By Faruq Masudi. Muslim producer Masudi attempts to objectively tackle the critic's issue of Al-Islam and its applicability to the 21st century. For the first time a film delves deep into the Qur'an and presents its themes in a pristine and uncorrupted form. Contemporay Connections aims to correct the skewed perceptions of Islam by Islamphobes by placing familiar if not controversial themes in an urban and Western background and establishes their compatibility with American values. "Quran Contemporary Connections" has been produced in America with an all American cast and crew. Of impeccable International standards, the movie is an ideal teaching tool and a great gift for your non-Muslim friends, class rooms, libraries and family. If you thought you knew about Islam, better think again. Director: Faruq Masudi, Hoo Productions (2008), English, Run Time: 43 minutes.


A group of American professors, all fine scholars of comparative religious traditions at prestigious universities of the United States, are asked to find study The Quran and modern society.  Unaware of each other's assignments, the panel is instructed to disregard traditional clergy, if need be and delve independently into the fountainhead of what some describe as the most enigmatic of faiths. The team: Mark Juergensmeyer: International expert on terrorism in religion and President, American Academy of Religion. Hossein Nasr, Harvard alumni, author of fifty books on Islam and science, and Professor at Washington University. Bruce Lawrence, Abrahamic Pluralist and bestselling author of From Hajj to Hip Hop. Maria Dakake, Editor Harper Collins Study Quran Encyclopedia and Professor, George Mason University. Jonathan A Brown, Omer Mozaffar, and Joseph Lumbard: Modern Society.




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