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80 Proven Ways to Become a Millionaire...
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80 Proven Ways to Become a Millionaire...

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By Paul Damazo (Author). Learn: How to be like Arkad, the richest man in old Babylon, who was rich, generous, and each year his wealth increased faster than he spent it; How newlyweds can be worth $10 million 20 years from their wedding day; Two simple investments that will pay you 100% per year for life; How to become a millionaire, even if you're starting late!; How to have your money work hard for you, rather than you working hard for your money; How to have multiple streams of ongoing income, even in retirement. This book will be a gigantic help to all ages regardless if you are single, married, divorced, and are a parent or not.


A treatise on finances from the womb to the tomb, offering significant financial solutions and options. Change your future and your future generationsí financial life now! If every person could get out of debt, save and invest for themselves, and make the choice to be richer, their lives would change significantly. There would be a snowball effect that would also change this country. There would be more savings, which would create more jobs. The government would be able to spend less on taking care of people, which would mean lower taxes, which would mean more money in your pocket. Publisher: SG&A Productions, Inc. (2007), English, Hardcover: 256 pages.


I have read over 400 books on personal finance and without a doubt this book is in the top three! --Leo Schreven, Director/Speaker, All Power Seminars


This book is probably the best book on financial planning in existence today! It takes the theory of finance and makes it easy to understand and follow with achievable results. --George O. Ogum, Ph.D., Professor of Finance, La Sierra University





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