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CD Hajj & Umrah 1.1 (software CD) Arabic / English
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CD Hajj & Umrah 1.1 (software CD) Arabic / English

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Hajj & Umrah 1.1 (software CD) (Arabic / English / Malay / Indonesian / Turkish). The Hajj and `Umrah program, produced by Harf, serves visitors of the Sacred House and all Muslims around the world. The program utilizes multimedia tools to explain the Hajj rituals which should be performed in specific seasons and locations. The program explains in detail the Hajj acts and their proper time and place with the help of video clips, demonstrations and illustrated maps. It navigates through the sacred sites of the Ka`bah, the Station of Abraham, the Well of Zamzam, Circumambulation of the Ka`bah, the Sa`i (Walking) between Safa and Marwah, Throwing the Pebbles ... etc. The program presents the historical background of each site and its relation with the rituals a pilgrim performs.


Key Features:

- Detailed information on the Prophet's Farewell Hajj as found in authentic references (text - maps - pictures - video). 

- A simplified account of Hajj rituals according to the Four Juristic Schools, showing how each ritual was performed by the Prophet (S). 

- A separate approach for women's Hajj, including the judgments pertaining to the rituals they perform.

Indexes of Qur'anic verses, the Prophet's Hadiths, Hajj terminology and sites, map album, pictures, video clips, and animated sketches.


Qur'anic historical events related to Hajj, the digging of the Well of Zamzam, the construction of the Ka`bah by Abraham and Ishmael (peace be upon both of them), and the story of the Companions of the Elephant. Presents the history and stages of the Ka`bah's construction with the aid of demonstrations and presents the building of the Prophet's Mosque as constructed by him upon arriving at Medina.




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