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CD Al-Qari Plus (Software CD)
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CD Al-Qari Plus (Software CD)

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The revolutionary Al-Qari program helps you learn how to read Arabic and recite the Quran right from your computer! Learning the Quran has never been this easy! Learn to Read and Recite the Quran from your Computer with entire Quran Al-Qari. Learn the basics of reading Arabic in depth. Helps you master the tajweed of Quran. And best of all, it's accessible right from your computer tapes. Al-Qari is interactive and one of the easiest and fastest ways to learn the Quran.



 - Full Quran, recitation by Qari Abdul Basit in 44.1 kHz CD quality voice.

- Extensive navigation features using any verse number, surah, juz, or page.

Click on recital for any verse.

- Option for repeat recitation of any verse for memorization.

70+ Lessons and exercises.

Arabic alphabets with sound in all shapes and forms.

Combining sounds, joining letters and connecting words.

Learning vowels in all their positions with 3 different exercises for each vowel to practice.

Compare similar sounding letters with graphics, sounds and animation.

- All about Nunation, Sukun, Shaddah and Maddah in its different forms and lengths.

Letters which become silent.

Where to pause and stop.

- Substituting letters.

Advanced levels for those who already know the basics.

Short Surahs of Quran broken down in letters, words, and verses for easy understanding and memorization. 

- Click on any word in short surahs to see the transliteration and translation.


Minimum Requirements:

Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000/XP. 486 66 MHz computer with at least 8 MB of RAM with Windows compatible Sound Card, a mouse, and a CD-Rom drive.




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