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As a former enlisted and commissioned naval officer, Mukhtar Muhammad knows that inspired people are at the heart of every successful organization and believes the urgent task confronting all institutions, is how best to tap into the group intellect and the Creator-given talent in each one of us and utilize the power of that group intellect for the maximum benefit of not only that institution but the society…this belief is a central theme in his book, Genesis of New American Leadership and the major focus in his civic life.

Mukhtar Muhammad is executive director emeritus for Community Wide Shuraa Conference™, Inc.(CWSC); a principal at and vice president for national retailer FAMACO Publishers, LLC and; a distinguished lecturer in the CWSC Speakers Bureau; a national talk show host on the American Muslim 360® Radio Network (; and author of the critically acclaimed Genesis of New American Leadership: Building the Community Life, the first socio-political and religious commentary on the tenets of effective leadership based on the principles of Islam, the commentary of contemporary religious scholars and American management philosophy. He hosts the weekly CWSC Building the Community Life Seminar on AM360.

As a nationally recognized speaker and management consultant, Mukhtar brings a wealth of executive leadership experience to CWSC having served in strategic planning, complex project management, and systems design and implementation with cross-industry experience in business, government, civic, and entrepreneurial operating environments. He has formerly served as a National Steering Committee leader for his association’s first professional intelligentsia effort, strategic planning director, convener masjlis ashuraa, chief of staff, and former Muslim Student Association president. He has held personal signature accountability for $2 billion+ for U.S. government funds. Now he helps faith-based organizations with strategic governance and management issues and frequently presents on governance and stewardship, strategic planning, innovation and change management, organizational structure and design.

A third-generation American Muslim leader, he continues a family tradition of service to community and our nation. Mukhtar has served at the highest levels of national leadership for his religious association being appointed the late Imam Dr. W. Deen Mohammed to the former Islamic Affairs Council serving an estimated 2.5 million Muslims. He has held professional and civic responsibilities in strategic and business planning and served as an advisor to religious institutions throughout the U.S. Over the last 30 years he has been devoted to the study and implementation of Imam Mohammed’s visionary concept of
a national intelligentsia.

Among Mukhtar’s leadership milestones: Following the mass shooting at Parkland Florida, he led CWSC’s delegation to meet with congressional leaders on Capitol Hill and deliver a joint letter to Congress representing over 60 organizations including the World Council of Religious Leaders in support of student rights to a safe and secure learning and neighborhood environment. He led the call and strategy session for the emergency assembly of the Islamic Affairs Council to address 911 terrorism; he was an invited participant and presenter at a U.S. State Department initiative to meet with provincial governors and other leaders from Afghanistan to address democracy, diversity, and Islam in America; he served as an Islamic representative at the United Methodist Church’s annual national workshop on interfaith cooperation; and represented the international publication Muslim Journal as part of the international press corp at the grand opening of the Muhammad Ali Museum and Education Center, producing an acclaimed series of essays on the Life of Muhammad Ali and his missionary impact. Mukhtar led FAMACO’s design team in producing the critically acclaimed international publication Remaking Our World: Tribute to the Leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed. He helped found and served as first director for the Words Make People Scholarship for higher education, now part of CWSC’s national scholarship program.

He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in four business concentrations including systems management, marketing, business management, and human resources development from The Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina, and Webster University. Among his awards and citations are the National Defense Service Medal, Sea Service, Joint Meritorious Unit Commendation, Navy Battle E, and two Navy Achievement Medals; the Muslim American Society Southern Region Pioneers Leadership Excellence Award and the General Dynamics Outstanding Achievement award.

During his military career, he performed duties aboard SSN Batfish, USS Iowa, USS O’Bannon, and USS Jesse L. Brown, RTC Orlando, Fleet Combat Training Center Damneck, Service School Command San Diego, and Naval Air Reserve Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida. His responsibilities took him around the U.S. and the world including Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Africa. He was blessed to perform the Hajj, Islam’s fifth pillar of journey to Mecca, in 2001.

Mukhtar resides in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife Darlene of 30 years, daughter Maya, and his American Muslim Pioneer Mom Taheerah whom he supports as primary caregiver.

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