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The Tao of Muhammad Ali
Category->Ethnic Studies
The Tao of Muhammad Ali

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By Davis Miller. Muhammad Ali is the one of the most famous figures in the history of sport. This is the story of his friendship with the author, a sportswriter. A unique and compelling story, rich with anecdotes and insights, it explores the nature of hero-worship, friendship and the relationship between fathers and sons. Muhammad Ali is the greatest boxer the world has ever known and the most charismatic athlete of all time. Adored by millions, Ali is a role model and symbol of courage to us all. Davis Miller was a small, sickly child mourning the loss of his mother when he first encountered Ali. From this meeting, there developed a strong personal relationship that has lasted more than thirty years. Brilliantly weaving Ali's story with his own coming-of-age memoir, Miller captures the true meaning of hero worship, fathers and sons, and strength through wisdom. Vintage, U.K. (1997), English, Paperback: 306 pages.


"Ali's life has been documented many times over--but never has anyone captured the essence of his ongoing appeal as well as Miller."--Wes Lukowski, Booklist


"A fine rare book....This story is a classic, one of the standards against which I'll measure all other sports writing."--Glenn Stout, editor of The Best American Sports Writing


"No one has ever written so purely about Ali before. Indeed, perhaps no one has ever written so purely about anyone."--Tim Kawakami, Los Angeles Times


"What brilliant stories these are. Davis Miller writes profoundly and beautifully."--Joyce Carol Oates


"Miller's astounding book, more in the tradition of contemporary writers such as Tobias Wolff and Richard Ford than that of mere boxing biographies, is a seminal interpretation of fame, how it affects both those who have it and those who live in its shadow."--Esquire --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.


About the Author: Davis Miller is the author of the nonfiction novels "The Tao of Muhammad Ali" and "The Tao of Bruce Lee: a martial arts memoir." Miller's first published story, "My Dinner with Ali," was judged the best essay to have been published in an American newspaper magazine in 1989. A shorter version of "My Dinner with Ali" was nominated for the 1990 National Magazine Award and in 1999 was judged by David Halberstam to be one of the best twenty pieces of sports writing of the twentieth-century. "My Dinner with Ali" has been anthologized in "The Best American Sports Writing of the Century" and in "The Muhammad Ali Reader." Miller has regularly written fiction and nonfiction for numerous major magazines and newspapers, including "Esquire," "Men's Journal," "Rolling Stone," "GQ," "Arena," the "Washington Post," the "Los Angeles Times," "Newsday," the "Chicago Tribune," the "Miami Herald," the "Independent on Sunday," and the "Louisville Courier-Journal," among many others.




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