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Remaking Our World Calendar 2019
Remaking Our World Calendar 2019

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The Community Wide Shuraa Conference, Inc. (CWSC) has launched the National Dawah Campaign with a special collector's limited edition calendar, Remaking Our World: Tribute to the Leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.


This publication designed by FAMACO Publishers and with input from believers throughout the nation marks the 10th Anniversary of the Muslim Community's major transition with the passing of America's Imam Dr. W. Deen Mohammed (R) in 2008. FAMACO is proud to be a sponsor for the National Dawah Campaign. The Campaign is community wide and is a group intellect effort to get Remaking Our World Calendar 2018 into as many hands as possible among the American people and its "Four Bird" institutions. You're invited to help make a macro impact and get Remaking Our World into the hands of your city council, mayor, senator, governor, and the top TV and radio station in your city. Get copies for family and friends. Imagine when the nation stops and takes notice of a powerful dawah message from our group intellect arrving at the same time in cities around the country.


Working together with you and all institutions, we can make a dawah impact much better together and at a time when people are questioning the issues of patriotism, racism and bigotry, violence in our streets, Islamophobia, religious extremism, leadership accountability, and the list goes on. Remaking Our World is written to speak to all audiences on the major issues of the day through our community's historical experience, evolution to full citizenship, and our leadership legacy. Most important, the Calendar speaks to the world through the American Muslim Community's present mission.


The message of Remaking Our World resonates for American Muslims as a reminder of their great responsibility. For the the non-Muslim, it is a message beckoning towards a better understanding and acceptance that the Muslim American Dream is deeply rooted in the American Dream. Thematic elements include Al-Qur’an and Hadith; Commentary of Imam Dr. W. Deen Mohammed; Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Holy Days; critically acclaimed contextual biography on America’s Imam; Islam’s Universal Beliefs; resources page, and analysis of one of the most intriguing chapters in American, Muslim, and world history. 


The Calendar is printed in glossy cover suitable for gift presentation at formal and informal interfaith, civic, academic, political and other venues including Saviors Day, African Americah History, and Juneteenth celebrations. Download pdf flier to share with your institution. Together we can remake the world!


It is a great piece of work!-- Imam Vernon M. Fareed (R)


Alhamdulillah! One of the best quality, most detailed and informative calendars I've ever purchased . . . definitely a keepsake and reminder of a very humble and honorable leader. I must share with my grandchildren this history. May Allah bless FAMACO Publishers with continued success.”--AIS of Stone Mountain, GA


...An outstanding and professional job . . . a keepsake I will cherish forever.--Irshad H., Winston-Salem, NC


I hope you will print a calendar every year about our great history and the legacy of Imam Mohammed.--Quadir A., Decatur, GA


A MUST HAVE for all Americans who value the history of this country and it's special leaders . . . Thank you, all who worked to make this project possible.”--Zakiyyah N., New Mind Productions, Newark, NJ


  . . . Dynamic, inspiring, and appropriate for the Muslim American and international community . . . a legacy for us. May Allah (SWT) bless us all to continue this noble work.”--R Burney Q, New York, NY


One word . . .Magnificent!”--Imam Lateef Majied, Jacksonville, FL




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