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Arabic-English Lexicon by E.W. Lane
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E. W. Lane (Author). A multi-volume masterpiece of classical Arabic that includes plentiful examples of classical usage and the meanings of the words during the time period that the Qur'ân was revealed. Indexed by Arabic roots, with definitions in English. The most scholarly dictionary of the Arabic language available. This work is the product of over thirty years of unrelenting labor. It is a work of such unique greatness that, since its first appearance almost 150 years ago, it has remained to this day supreme in the field of Arabic lexicography. No scholar or group of scholars has produced anything to supplant it. As it originally appeared and was later reproduced, the Lexicon consisted of eight large, cumbersome volumes, which made it difficult to use. Now, for the first time, the Islamic Texts Society has, with no loss whatsoever of clarity or legibility, brought together the eight large volumes into two compact volumes; it is now possible to keep the Lexicon on the work desk and refer to it with ease. Islamic Texts Society (January 1, 1984), English, Hardcover: 3064 pages.




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