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Presumed Alliance: The Unspoken Conflict between Latinos and Blacks and What It Means for America
Category->Ethnic Studies
Presumed Alliance: The Unspoken Conflict between Latinos and Blacks and What It Means for America

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By Nicolas C. Vaca. As Latino and African Americans increasingly live side by side in large urban centers, as well as in suburban clusters, the idealized concept of a "Rainbow Coalition" would suggest that these two disenfranchised groups are natural political allies. Indeed, as the number of Latinos has increased dramatically over the last ten years, competition over power and resources between these two groups has led to surprisingly antagonistic and uncooperative interactions. Many African Americans now view Latinos, because of their growth in numbers, as a threat to their social, economic, and political gains. Vaca debunks the myth of "The Great Union" and offers the hope he believes each community could learn from, in order to achieve a mutually agreed upon agenda. More than simply unveiling the problem, The Presumed Alliance offers optimistic solutions to the future relations between Latino and Black America. Harper Collins Publishers (2004), English, Paperback , 256 pages.

About The Author: A graduate of Harvard Law School, Nicolas C. Vaca holds a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of California at Berkeley. He is a practicing attorney in the Bay Area and has been a visiting scholar at University of California at Berkeley for the past two years. An award-winning journalist, Vaca is also a contributing writer to the prestigious journal California Lawyer. He lives in California.

Library Journal

January 2003 may have passed quietly for many, but it marked an inevitable change in American demographics-Hispanics surpassed African Americans as the nation's largest minority. In a riveting narrative, Vaca, an attorney with a Ph.D. in sociology, explores what has often been presumed: a black and Hispanic political alliance. Yet he argues that an alliance is not feasible, as the two ethnic groups compete for jobs, political clout, and educational opportunities...Vaca's well-researched book is essential reading for anyone desiring an understanding of the future of ethnographic conflict in the United States.

Kirkus Reviews

A thoughtful political/historical essay on the profound gulf that yawns between America's most populous minority groups...Although African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans share overlapping, sometimes even identical, political interests as long-oppressed minorities, and although many efforts have been made to forge rainbow-coalition alliances among them, he argues, "the reality is that there exists a divide between Blacks and Latinos that no amount of camouflage can hide." ...Such an alliance is ever more rhetorical, where it exists at all, especially now that Hispanics have surpassed blacks as the nation's largest minority group and have acquired significant political power on their own...





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