WMP Scholarship

WMP ScholarshipAs former chair of the National Words Make People (WMP) Scholarship Committee, I remain closely connected to the WMP and its mission. I invite you to join me in this noble effort.

WMP is established in honor of Imam W. Deen Mohammed (ra), and is a certificate of achievement, monetary award and gifts presented to a deserving college or high school student who demonstrates exceptional faith-based leadership in his or her professional, civic and academic life.   The WMP Scholarship is just one way Imam Mohammed’s mission and work, emphasizing religious scholarship, education, economic development, and the promotion of universal human excellence live on to continue transposing a legacy of leadership onto the world stage.

The Scholarship is under the program administration of the Community Wide Shuraa Conference (www.cwsc.us) and its national scholarship committee.  Contributions are tax deductible and can be made online* at www.causes.com/WMPScholarship.

Each year millions of dollars in Scholarships go unclaimed or are not awarded simply because potential applicants don’t apply. The WMP Award does not want to be in the “unawarded” category. If you’re a college bound graduating senior or currently enrolled graduate or undergraduate, please apply. The scholarship opens each year in February with an application deadline of June 20.

For more information, click here then join the cause at our facebook community and follow us on twitter to promote excellence in education, help a deserving student, and advance an American legacy of leadership.

Thank you for your consideration.


Mukhtar Muhammad

*Make offline contributions payable to CWSC, Inc.  and mail to:

CWSC, Inc.
Marina Village
4905 34th Street S #185
St. Petersburg, FL 33711-4511

Important: Enter WMP Scholarship on your check’s memo line.

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