Meet Moufatih Abbas Muhammad: A bright star in the horizon of new American leadership and in the legacy of Imam W. Deen Mohammed (ra).  See the full press release of this Corona-Queens, New York Clara Muhammad High School honor graduate and 2014 recipient of the Words Make People (WMP) Literary Excellence & Scholarship Award.

Thank you to all who make the WMP Scholarship possible…it’s one of the most personally rewarding activities I’m blessed to take part in annually.  Blessings always! Mukhtar Support the Words Make People Literary Excellence & Scholarship Award

Read about the 2014 WMP Scholarship Winner here.

About Mukhtar Muhammad

Mukhtar Muhammad is author of the critically acclaimed Genesis of New American Leadership: A Muslim Commentary...the first socio-political and religious commentary on the tenets of effective leadership based on the principles of Islam, the commentary of contemporary religious scholars and American management philosophy. The recipient of numerous academic, professional, and military achievement awards, the former enlisted & commissioned naval officer is the product of a visionary leadership that recognizes the "Muslim American dream" is deeply rooted in the American Dream of not only "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” but also "one nation under G-d indivisible with liberty and justice for all." The company vice president, national speaker and management consultant and national non-profit executive director holds bachelors and masters degrees in four business concentrations including systems management, marketing, business management and human resources development and has served at the highest levels of leadership for the American Muslim Community.
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